Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cell phone? What cell phone?

Sigh. My husband has had a cell phone for probably 8 years now. He has the worst luck with them. Always misplacing them, washing them in his pocket, accidentally dropping into a toilet, etc. Alltel must love him. We finally got insurance for him, after the time I had to pay over $100 for the cheapest, crappiest phone they offer. Sadly that one only lasted a short time as well. Last winter while plowing snow, he lost another phone, only to find it months later after the snow melted. So off we went to Alltel and purchased another new one, luckily at the discount price. Last night Bill comes home from job #1 at the road department and gets cleaned up for job #2 at the fire department. He can't find his cell phone. Drives over to work and looks in the trucks, looks around on the ground, nothing. Today he found it!! Well, part of it. You see, he was feeding limbs into a chipper/shredder, and apparently the phone got ripped off of his waistband and fed into the shredder. It did not survive. Thankfully that phone from the snowbank still worked, and is now safely on the charger again. I'd swear I was making this up if I were you.

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  1. I told you to just make him a new one out of sticks and leaves